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Welcome to Ghost Story


A self publishing studio founded by twelve former Irrational Games developers. Our mission is simple: to create immersive, story-driven games for people who love games that ask something of them. While we believe our new games will have strong appeal to fans of BioShock, our new focus allows us to craft experiences where the gameplay is as challenging as the stories.

We are not yet ready to share any more on our new game, but we invite you to join us and take part in our community, Sign up here.

About Ghost Story


“Ghost Story for me is defined by a small but experienced team working together to push the boundaries of what interactive narrative means.  Because of the team size, there is a flat hierarchy and a strong DIY attitude that prevails at the studio.  This means each team member has clear ownership and responsibility for how they are affecting the game.  It’s great to come to work every day and see so much talent and passion working together towards a common goal.”

Shawn Robertson, Art Director

“Real focus on making core games for core gamers.  Emphasis on making games with inspiring and intriguing story and characters, with a high quality bar for execution.  Deep interest in finding innovative solutions to problems that have plagued game development for decades. The world and IP we are creating is richly specific and original, and conveys both wonder and nostalgia.”

Seth Kendall, Senior Animator

“Everyone here wants to make something truly special! This is a rare Goldilocks studio. I.e. not too big, not too small, but just right – this is the perfect mix of talent, size, experience and stability that culminates in a group who are working towards something special that (I believe) no other studio could take on.”

Guy Walshe, UI Artist

“Working at Ghost Story is an incredibly rewarding experience.  Each employee’s ideas are heard and embraced, we all have a major impact on the games we make.  There is tremendous talent in this studio, which makes each day challenging and exciting.  This is a place where you never stop learning.”

Kyle Williams, Lead Narrative Scripter

“Ghost Story really encourages each and every person to have a healthy work-life balance. While everyone is expected to be in during core hours, there is enough flexibility for new parents like me to spend the mornings with my baby and still get home in time to tuck her in at night.”

Jennie Morse, Associate Producer

“We are in such a fortunate situation – to be working on a new IP, on a small team of highly experienced developers, with strong direction and with the backing of a well-established company, we are truly in a unique position to explore a new idea.”

Jeremy Carson, Technical Lead


For more on our team and studio, visit our studio page, meet the team or follow us at:


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