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Ghost Story Games Store - Now Live

A while back, we rebranded our studio from Irrational Games to Ghost Story Games, and launched a new website to go with it. Our online store took a little bit longer, though. Why, you ask? Fair question. Rather than reskinning the store, we’ve teamed...

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Community Collection Spotlight: Feli Tomkinson

For this Community Collection spotlight, we're excited to feature community artist Feli Tomkinson from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Feli's a self-taught digital artist who creates colorful character concept art from her favorite video games, TV shows and...

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Community Collection Spotlight: Ástor Alexander

We're back again with another Community Collection spotlight, this time we're featuring artist Ástor Alexander. With impressive work in and outside of video games, chances are you've seen the artist's renditions before.

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Reaching Out Update - Fall 2017

We believe in getting involved and fostering change here at Ghost Story. Since our last Outreach post, members of our team have been busy finding their own ways to make a difference. Here are a few of their stories.

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Decorate Our Studio Contest – BioShock Anniversary Edition

We're bringing the "Decorate Our Studio" contest back for the month of August. Right on time for the BioShock 10th Anniversary on August 21st!

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Community Collection Spotlight: Bona Kim

This time at Ghost Story, we spotlight community artist Bona Kim from Vancouver, Canada. Bona Kim is a gifted Contemporary Painter, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, and BioShock fan.

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