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Community Collection Spotlight: Feli Tomkinson

For this Community Collection spotlight, we’re excited to feature community artist Feli Tomkinson from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Feli’s a self-taught digital artist who creates colorful character concept art from her favorite video games, TV shows and movies. Using geometric shapes and fanciful line art, she sketches everything from the ground up. Her fun and uniquely styled work has brought her recognition across gaming and fan art communities a like. To learn more about Feli Tomkinson and her work, follow her portfolio links below and check out our short interview with the artist.


Feli Tomkinson’s Elizabeth is available as a t-shirt in our online store. As part of our Community Collection, a share of the purchase price of each art piece sold goes directly to Feli.

Feli’s other work can be found on the following platforms:


Artist Interview 


Tell us a little about yourself.

Hi! My name is Feli Tomkinson, and I’m a 24-year-old freelance digital illustrator from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I enjoy mostly drawing characters from video games, movies and TV shows, and I design tattoos on the side as well.


Why BioShock?

I played the original BioShock games in anticipation for BioShock Infinite, and they were some of the most engrossing experiences I’ve ever had in gaming, particularly the first game. Seeing Rapture for the first time and getting to explore it was a joy, as unnerving as it was to play through it. When BioShock Infinite came out, that’s when I truly fell in love with the universe.


Do you have a favorite memory or turning point in the series? (May contain spoilers, highlight to view.)

At the end of BioShock Infinite, going back to Rapture blew me away completely. The whole sequence with Songbird drowning was extremely sad, but such a memorable scene.


What was your inspiration for drawing Elizabeth? Were there any themes you were trying to pursue?

Elizabeth is my favorite character in the franchise, and she has always invoked this sense of protection in me, as if I really put myself in Booker’s shoes. Being my favorite and one of the several faces for the franchise, I decided to go with that and incorporate the duality of the character seen in the original game and the Burial at Sea DLC.

What connects you to Elizabeth? What do you like most about her?

Like I said before, it’s this sense of wanting to protect her at all costs, like the game intends to make you feel. I love her personality and how fleshed out she is as a character, and how she develops from helpless to a bit of a badass by the end of it.

Are there any special artists who have inspired you?

Not for this piece in particular, but some of my biggest inspirations are Claire Hummel (Shoomlah), Heather Campbell (Makani) and Matt Rhodes.


Could you tell us a little about how you go about creating your art?

Honestly, there isn’t much of a process besides trial and error. I sketch out a general layout for the idea I want, and go with it or not depending on the visual “cool” factor about it. If it looks cool, I’ll flesh it out and develop it into something more. If it doesn’t, I’ll start over!


You have a few other BioShock illustrations. Are there any other characters you would like to or plan to use next?

I would love to make a piece with the little sisters and Big Daddy, or one featuring Elizabeth and some little sisters surrounding her.


What other games are you playing right now or plan to play next?

Right now, I’m squeezing the juice out of my new Nintendo Switch and playing a lot of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey! But my most anticipated video game is The Last Of Us II, or whatever FromSoftware ends up making next.









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