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Community Collection Spotlight: Artist Kisu-No-Hi

At Ghost Story Games our community artists continually inspire us. One artist we would like to spotlight is French Illustrator Kisu-No-Hi. Kisu-No-Hi uses her creativity and imagination to create art based on her fan fiction in an expanded BioShock Universe. Her artistic styling and direction is truly stunning. One of her more recent works, featured below, depicts the Lutece at the 1902 Columbia Fair and Raffle. To learn more about Kisu-No-Hi and her work, read below for a short interview we had with the artist. This illustration is also available as a poster in our online store, found here. As part of our Community Collection, a share of the purchase price of each poster sold goes directly to Kisu-No-Hi. Her other artwork can be found on


“R.Lutece – Raffle 1902”

On July 6th, 1902 Zachary Comstock declared Columbia’s secession from the United States and the city of Columbia disappeared into the clouds. The anniversary of this event became a citywide holiday celebrating Columbia’s independence. Created by community artist Kisu-No-Hi, this colorful illustration depicts Rosalind and Robert Lutece enjoying their time on this prominent day in history. 10 years prior to the infamous 1912 Columbia Fair and Raffle involving the false shepherd Booker Dewitt.




Tell us a little about yourself.

I was born in 1324 in the small town of Newenden. My mother was a poor seamstress well known for her beauty and my father was King Erward II, the ruler of the country. Their affair was meant to stay a secret until one day—Okay, no. I’m just a 24 year old French girl who got her HND in 2D animation not so long ago and who loves to draw fanart.

What platform do you play BioShock on?

I’ve played all the games on PlayStation 3.


Do you prefer BioShock or BioShock Infinite?

I love them all but I admit BioShock Infinite has a special place in my heart.



What do you love about the game?

I love that it’s one of these rare games, which makes you crave for more audio diaries because you want to know everything about the universe.

I love how the game realizes that how important aesthetics are and has some of the most amazing sceneries I’ve ever seen in video games.

I love that even secondary characters are well developed and have a background story.

I love how I screamed at the end because I did NOT see that plot twist coming.

Do you have a favorite part or turning part in the story? (This answer contains spoilers, highlight the text to read)

The baptism scene was simply glorious. It’s the moment where you put all the pieces together and realize the awful truth at the same time as Booker. Everything was on point, from the atmosphere where you’re surrounded by beautiful nature yet there’s this very unsettling tension, to the music where a different Elizabeth disappears with each piano note. It was very powerful.

Do you have a favorite memory you remember when playing the game?

It may be a detail but it’s definitely my reaction when I saw for the first time “Baguette boy” from the DLC. I’m glad people know that we dance like that every time we [the French] buy a baguette! I hope this boy is living a good life.

What was your inspiration for drawing the Lutece? Were there any themes you were trying to pursue?

In general, the inspiration comes from the fact that the Lutece twins don’t only have interesting designs but also complex roles and personalities. It’s very entertaining to connect the dots based on what we learned about them thanks to voxophones. So they’re really an endless source of ideas!

You also have illustrated Elizabeth, Booker, and a little sister, are there any other characters you would like to or plan to use next?

I’d love to draw more characters from BioShock! Shame on me for never drawing Jack.

Lastly, where would you like fans to go to view your work? 

Everything is on!


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